Live Pub Triva...

Bring your friends, bring your enemies, be on different teams!

Sometimes you need a reason to get together with good people. Sometimes you need a reason to go out to eat and drink. Sometimes you just need a reason to get through the week.

Top Hat Trivia is your reason!


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What is Top Hat Trivia?

Top Hat Trivia gives you a 2 hour escape like no other: a live pub trivia game! It’s an opportunity to show off your collection of useless facts, compete against other teams, as well as have a fun time with friends.

We ask you the questions . . . our hosts keep you on your toes; local bars, pubs, and breweries provide the food and drinks; our website makes gameplay effortless . . . but it’s up to you to provide the answers!

How will you play with Top Hat Trivia?

Want a hint?

Follow Top Hat Trivia to find the question of the day. PS, this is your free space!