Top Hat Trivia . . . The More The Merrier!

Sometimes you need a reason to get together with good people. Sometimes you need a reason to go out to eat and drink. Sometimes you just need a reason to get through the week.

Top Hat Trivia is your reason!

Our Trivia Game

Top Hat Trivia partners with local bars, pubs, and breweries to bring you a live pub trivia night. Our hosts usher you and your team through the night with their quirky personalities and strategic musical choices. With our website, you can enter answers and wager points effortlessly, watch the game leaderboard, and review past games.

Our game is two hours long, consisting of 22 questions from various categories such as history, pop culture, or science. The game formula allows plenty of time for discussion as well as socializing. You may not know all the answers, but you can definitely build a team that has all the bases covered.

All you have to do is show up with a team ready to eat, drink, and play trivia!

The Story Behind Top Hat Trivia

Top Hat Trivia started with a trivia obsession. After seeing how much her parents and their friends enjoyed trivia nights, Anna realized the potential of the game.

It's more than a weeknight event, it’s an opportunity to bring people together. We want to bring this opportunity to as many people as possible!

You can be a part of this . . . bring new people on your team, sign up to become a host, or recommend a local bar as a venue.

Who are we?

I love playing trivia. I wish that I were better at it! But I really love helping create community, watching people get together, have a great time - and seeing ROI happen in the process.

Anna Lewis

Hosting trivia is a great outlet for me. I'm able to get out every night, be in the crowd and help people have a great time. I love doing that! You should come watch me host - you'll have a great time too!

Tom Beisianda
Tommy Biesiada
Head of Hosts

I'm passionate about trivia. My husband and I play every week. We love the challenge. We love the fun. And now helping the business owners make the experience better, that gets me out of bed in the morning.

Stephanie Lewis
Operations & Technology